Sunlight gleaming through a woodland

Who are these sessions for?

These sessions can benefit you if you are feeling stressed, tired, tense, fed-up or anxious. Maybe you feel stuck in a rut. You can book these sessions if you are feeling happy and well in your life, as a means to support your ongoing health and wellbeing. Perhaps you love nature and want to share your enthusiasm, or you need a bit of motivation to get outdoors. If you have a physical health issue or a mental health diagnosis, my suggestion is to first discuss attending these sessions with your health or social care professional. I am happy to discuss your personal situation and how I may be able to assist you.

What are the benefits?

You can expect to feel more relaxed or energised. Some people describe feeling happier, more satisfied and more creative. Mental fatigue such as that from over thinking can be eased and you may experience a sense of restoration or feeling lighter in yourself. You may experience a sense of aliveness or expansion. There are physiological benefits from time spent in nature, such as reduced cortisol levels and reduced inflammation. Academics in Japan and South Korea have been researching the benefits of a particular type of nature connection called forest bathing (shinrin-yoku) since the 1990’s, see my therapeutic benefits page for a full list of potential physical health benefits from time spent in nature.

What happens during a session?

I will guide a walk at an agreed location in nature, often a woodland location because woodlands are well known to support human health. I also choose locations that have a sense of openness and that inspire awe. I am mindful to choose walking routes that have nearby facilities, well maintained paths and moderate walking. There will likely be some steep sections and with this being west Wales, paths can be wet. I try to find woodland locations that can also be accessed by public transport. You will need sturdy footwear and suitable clothing.

I will welcome you at the start of the session and check in with you to see how you are. I will offer you some gentle natural mindfulness practices. There will be time for personal reflection if you wish and some time to connect with nature through your senses which is proven to help reduce stress. At intervals I will invite you to sense the nature around you. I may offer you a nature-based theme to hold lightly or a gentle mindfulness in nature practice. Every season can be inspiring. At moments we will notice some of the earthly delights, be it wildflowers, cobweb patterns, bird song or the earthy smell of wet leaves. You may gain nature-inspired insights into your experience. Nature is always in flux and can especially remind us of the impermanence of our experience, that, “this too shall pass”.

If you have a mobility issue we can discuss this beforehand, I seek out nature spots for sitting as well as walking and walks of varying lengths. For further details about what happens in a session see the frequently asked questions page.


I offer sessions at some of the beautiful woodlands in the Aberystwyth and Machynlleth area. These habitats are also rich with lichen, moss, wildflowers, invertebrates, insects, bird life and other animals. Get to know these woodlands over the seasons and feel more connected to nature. We can discuss meeting at a location that is suitable for you.

Cost and to book

Contact 07588616967 by phone or by text message or email me at You can also get in touch via the contact form.

You are welcome to arrange a free 15 minute phone call with me to find out if these sessions are right for you. There is no obligation to book a session after the free phone call.

Session cost: £25 for 45 minutes. Payable by BACS or cash.

You may wish to book an initial session and then consider if you would like more regular sessions, this could be weekly, monthly or you may opt for a session during each season.

Gift vouchers are also available. Contact me for more information.